Brondon Foot and Ankle carries a variety of topical skin and nail care products from the Bako/CTS product line.  
All of these products come with a money-back guarantee.


Clarus Antifungal Solution (1% Tolnaftate): an oil-soluble solution indicated for the treatment of various fungal infections. The proprietary vehicle contains a menthol derivative and is combined with essential oils to enhance the penetration of the active ingredient.


Kera-42 Cream: a medical-grade 42% urea cream designed to exfoliate calloused, rough, dry skin.  Urea is a mild keratolytic,which removes dead skin cells while moisturizing the skin to provide an optimal environment for healthy skin.  Kera-42 also contains tea tree oil, aloe vera and antioxidants for additional hydration to dry skin.

Kera Nail Gel (47% urea): a high-potency nail treatment in a vehicle containing tea tree oil, camphor, eucalyptus and menthol.  It is designed to soften thickened, dystrophic nail units and mask odor caused by fungal and bacterial nail infections. This gel is designed for enhanced penetration of the nail unit and for fast drying.
MacerRx Web Gel (Miconazole Nitrate 2%): a fast drying gel designed to treat various bacterial and fungal infections.  The product helps relieve itching, burning and cracking of the infected areas without creating a moisture barrier.  Indicated to treat infections between the digits.
VerruStat Wart Remover (17% Salicyclic Acid): a liquid wart remover with a vitamin A derivative and other permeation agents added that are designed to increase potency of the active ingredient.  This product is designed for the treatment of warts on the foot.

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