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  • Can Custom Orthotics Help With Lower Back Pain? - Sometimes. It usually depends on why you are getting back pain to begin with. A lot of the time, it is due to a malalignment of your joints, which can occur directly within your back, you hips, knees, ankles, or even within your feet. If one of these joints is off on one side, it can put more pressure throughout your body, including on your back. Often re-adjusting these joints into a better position can reduce pressure and strain, which reduces pain.

  • What Makes Customized Orthotics so much better than a store brand? - The best way to think about it is to make a comparison. Both prescription and non-prescription eyeglasses exist. Some people only need a little correction in their eyes at certain times, such as while reading. Those kinds of glasses can be purchased at a drugstore without a prescription. But a lot of people need more specialized lenses than you can buy over-the-counter in order to be more specifically made for their eyes. The same is true about orthotics. Some people can get away with using only over-the-counter orthotics because their feet just need a little nonspecific support. Some people need custom orthotics to specifically take pressure off of certain areas or to add certain “bells and whistles” to make their feet function.

  • Custom orthotics can be expensive, but the over-the-counter options don't seem to help much. Are there any other options available? While custom orthotics are made specifically for your feet so they usually work the best, if your feet are experiencing overall aches and pains, sometimes a non-custom orthotic can be beneficial as well. Many over-the-counter options available in pharmacies do not provide much support (which is the purpose of an orthotic) and are only made out of very flexible material or the are chosen based on the position of your feet when you are standing (Dr. Scholl's scanner) and do not correct the problems you are having, only reinforce the position your foot is already in. If custom orthotics are too expensive, a good in between option is a Medical Grade orthotic. These are non-custom orthotics only sold in physician offices that have been tested to show that they meet quality standards to provide support to the feet. While they may not include all of the "bells and whistles" of a custom device, they are of higher quality than those that can be purchased at a pharmacy or online.

  • What are the benefits of customized orthotics? - The main job of custom orthotics is to provide support the your feet as well as the rest of your body by properly aligning the joints of both feet as well as lower extremities. They are also able to evenly distribute weight throughout your feet and provide cushion and shock absorption when you walk.

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